Top 10 apps for photo editing for Android to 2016

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Android app store contains hundreds of photo editing applications, and among all the applications selected for you the best 10 applications to edit photos professionally and their applications to be available on your Android.

4 weird facts on Facebook will not ratify it and did not know of before

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4 weird facts on Facebook will not ratify it and did not know of before

All day using Facebook whether for work or chat, according to the latest reports, more than 1.35 billion active users per month of this social network, but we use him many who do not know some important secrets about Facebook, and today we together wrote down 4 facts & secrets never heard before and you may not even know.

Free Download HTTrack 3.47-26

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The Next Update free program that helps you easily download all your favorite sites on the Internet (HTML pages, images and other files) on your computer for later viewing without having to connect a computer to the Internet. HTTrack arranges the original site regarding the
reference structure.

Work with this program is very, very simple - open a page of the site that you just downloaded in the browser, and you can watch it link after link, as if you are viewing it on the Internet. You can also update existing downloaded files, and resume interrupted downloads. HTTrack is fully
customizable and easy.

You also have the opportunity to download the program for 64 bit operating system Windows:
HTTrack x64 free download 3.45 MB

FanDealer-Earn Money Online with Facebook,

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Facebook Fans kaufen oder kostenlos tauschen, online Geld verdienen
FanDealer is a provider for various social offerings on the Internet. So everyone can share free fans for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google +1, and with the click I like earning money.

How FanDealer work? First, do you register for free at FanDealer and can then decide whether you want to earn money with FanDealer, or whether you want to apply their own website. If you want to earn money with FanDealer, then click on the corresponding menu item, and then adds the websites listed there add your own Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, google+1 account and receives a fixed payment credited to their own FanDealer account. This credit can be from
10, - Euro to withdraw.

Conversely, those who want to advertise his website with FanDealer, the first charges to be FanDealer account, then starts the appropriate campaign and adds this then add the required number of credits.

Which are then processed by the members gradually and you can watch how to increase as the fans of their own Facebook fan page step by step.

Information on the remuneration of FanDealer
  • rapid collection of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, YouTube views and google+1
  • between 0.02 to 0.10€ per job compensation
  • Disbursements from 10,-Euro and by Paypal within 48 hours
  • € 0.10 bonus for each user
  • Free Exchange of fans possible
  • Flexible configuration/Campaign Management
  • Protection against manipulation
  • Effective and targeted advertising

With any website operator can FanDealer hundreds of
fans get for their own websites and fans can earn
cash. You to disclose any personal information in our
system! The registration on is
completely safe and completely anonymous.
Facebook Fans kaufen oder kostenlos tauschen, online Geld verdienen

Update; and that this is the exact same program..
Facebook Fans kaufen oder kostenlos tauschen, online Geld verdienen

How to enable DVD playback in Ubuntu 12.10

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Install fresh Ubuntu 12.10, many users have
experienced one of the most popular issues-how to play the DVD in Ubuntu. It is this question that we now turn.

So, to play a DVD, we need only one package-libdvdread4. Include it in the distribution Canonical can not because of possible problems with the license.

You can install the package using the Software Center Ubuntu (he's named as the Library for reading DVDs), or the old fashioned way-with the help of the terminal:

sudo apt-get install libdvdread4

After installing the package libdvdread4 you need to run a custom script is integrated into it. For this to terminate the following command:


The script runs its course in a matter of seconds.

Then you can easily view any multimedia DVD in your favorite player.


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