Wait, but perhaps Mac has a natural immunity to the virus? Is OS X is vulnerable to malware? Do I need to protect your Mac? Today we will review five popular antivirus software for Mac and talk about online threats on this platform .

Why Mac computers safe One of the most important benefits of Mac is that the probability of infection of the virus is almost
zero. The reason lies in the very architecture of OS X, which is a protected right of the box.

Why architecture Mac secure? All the matter in the strict limitation of actions of third party programs and utilities in OS X. In practice this means that when downloading an infected object, it has less chance to get to the important system files.

The mechanism, known as the "sandbox", greatly complicates the creators of viruses and other malicious writing malware for Mac.
However, the fact that most of the infected files will not harm your system does not mean that you can not be a vector for the virus less fortunate colleagues at PC.

Norton AntiVirus
It's true. Those developers who write anti-virus software for PC, are the authors of applications for Mac.

  • Antivirus
  • Protection from Spyware
  • Automatic detection and removal of viruses
  • Detecting and cleaning downloaded files and email attachments
  • Protection against attacks on vulnerabilities in software
  • Background protection without noticeable impact on system performance
Price $ 49.95

McAfee VirusScan for Mac
McAfee-one of the leaders in the industry of anti-virus protection. VirusScan promises to protect us "from all types of malicious code and even unknown threats."

  • Protect files, folders and drives, including volumes on remote computers
  • Mac protection against all types of viruses and other threats, including unknown malware
  • Using the native interface Mac OS X, you can run a scan of files by dragging on the window
  • Proactive detection and blocking of viruses
Price $ 19.99

ProtectMac-definitely one of the most attractive options on the market anti-virus software for Mac. I have great confidence relate to software, the developer who understands and writes OS X products
specifically for this platform.

  • Security expert Mac and protection of all modern computer threats
  • Scans files in real time, on schedule, on-demand and automatic verification of volumes
  • Self-learning system to determine the most critical files to the user and provides quick access to them without compromising the security of your computer
Price: $ 44.99

iAntiVirus-an attractive, surprisingly comfortable and easy to use program that is "designed from the ground up to detect and remove threats on the Mac".

  • Multiple scan modes
  • Mac protection from infection in real time
  • Putting into quarantine all fixed objects

  • Background mode, without compromising performance
Price: $ 29.95 VirusBarrier X6 Virus Barrier X6 is able to protect your computer from all Internet threats, whether viruses, trojans or exploits application vulnerabilities.
  • Powerful integrated firewall
  • Protection against all Internet threats, including viruses, trojans or exploits application vulnerabilities
  • Ability to limit the list of applications that have access to the Internet.
  • Defining spyware programs installed on Mac, such as keyloggers
Price $ 49.95

I use a Mac a little more than ten years and I spend on the Internet 10 hours a day. Every day I discover new sites, download various applications, accept letters, including those from unfamiliar people.

Despite such "risky behavior," I have never
encountered with any onim file, program or website, which caused damage to my system.
Yes, I copy the relevant information using Time Machine, but I do not think I ever need to restore your files due to virus infection.
However installing antivirus on the Mac is not a paranoid practice. This is a big step forward to protect your system against potential threats, real in the near future.




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